Grief and Loss

Grief is a natural response to a loss in one’s life, whether that be the death of a loved one, unforeseen changes in relationships, shifting roles, loss of good health, or any experience that causes diminished feelings of certainty and security. Grief does not follow a set course.

With grief we can expect to see any of the following experiences in varying intensity.

  •   Anger
  •   Anxiety
  •   Depression
  •   Numbness or emptiness
  •   Guilt
  •   Conflict in faith/spirituality
  •   Inability to focus
  •   Physical symptoms such as changes in sleep, appetite, and energy
  •   Desire to isolate
How Therapy Can Help

There may be times in the process of grief when individuals and/or families may need or desire extra help and support.  The therapeutic relationship can offer an opportunity to be seen and heard by an individual outside of your circle of people and experience.  Professional help may also be indicated when grief is complicated by a history of trauma and loss.

Therapy provides a safe relationship to explore your unique experience with grief and loss. Regardless of the type of loss, in therapy it will be honored, respected, and explored compassionately.

Why Us?

Our therapists are committed to building a genuine and sincere connection with our clients and believe therapeutic work can only be done in the context of a safe therapeutic alliance.  Our therapists have experience and training in working with individuals and families experiencing grief and loss as well as chronic and acute health care issues, either their own or that of a loved one.


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