A New School Year

Published August 31, 2016
A new school year can bring about many different feelings and experiences for children. Excitement, joy, anticipation, confidence, relief as well as stress and nervousness are common feelings kids may have as summer ends and the new school year approaches. It is important to remember that some kids have anxiety in starting a new school year. New classroom, new teacher, new classmates, new routines, and possibly even new schools can create stress and make the transition from summer to school difficult. To help alleviate some of the anxiety and reduce the stress of heading back to school, provide your child with opportunities to prepare for all the “newness.” Come up with a drop off plan together, meet the teacher and see the classroom ahead of time if possible, and talk openly about your child’s feelings in starting a new school year. The article below gives parents some key helpful tips about how to help your child switch gears and get ready for the school year ahead.