Low-Cost, Short-term Services for Immigrants and Their Families

Published August 22, 2021

The recent escalation of political violence in Afghanistan and natural disasters in Haiti have brought massive devastation. At Alexandria Place Therapy, we recognize that many people in our community are facing tremendous stress, loss, and uncertainty as news of these disasters continues to unfold.

In response, we are offering a limited number of low-cost, short-term services (up to three sessions) to support Afghans and Haitians families living in Virginia who are experiencing emotional distress as a result of these disasters. These short-term services are designed to offer a safe environment to explore emotional distress, promote mental wellbeing, and strengthen coping skills to support healing. Our team at APT provides targeted, goal-oriented psychotherapy and/or case management services to help you meet your specific goals. We begin care with a strengths-based assessment to understand your needs and to determine if short-term services can effectively help you achieve your goals.  If longer-term treatment is indicated, we will connect you with people and resources in the community who can help meet your needs.

In an effort to provide affordable support, we are temporarily offering a sliding scale for these appointments. Clients will be asked to pay what they can for these services, with a minimal fee of $5 per session.

Please note that our clinician offering this service only speaks English. If you are looking for more information on multilingual services, here are some resources that you may find helpful.

(Image Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)