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Getting Started

At Alexandria Place Therapy, we begin our work with an intake session that allows us to hear more about your reasons for starting therapy, the larger context of the struggles and difficulties you or your child are experiencing, and goals the client and/or parents have for treatment. This session also gives us the opportunity to answer any questions you might have and to review paperwork, making sure we have all the information we need for treatment to begin successfully. For younger children, we typically use this time to meet with and hear from the caregivers and then move forward with an appointment time to meet with the child.


To schedule an appointment with one of our therapists or for more information about our services, please call us on our main line at 703.963.4261. You can also email us at our general mailbox: We will respond to your call or email within 24 hours, or on the next business day.

You may also contact Megan Fiore, PsyD, RPT-S and Nicole Jalazo Halpern, LCSW, RPT-S directly.

Our Location

Our office is located at 108A South Columbus Street in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria. We are located halfway between King and Prince Streets (one block from Washington Street, or the GW Parkway) on South Columbus Street in a small courtyard. As a landmark, the entrance to the courtyard is located to the left of the sign for Salter Mitchell, and the two preschools. Two hour metered parking is available on King, Prince, and Columbus Streets. Additionally, if you travel further south on Columbus, you can find both two and three hour parking spaces. There is a public parking lot located at 112 South Henry Street, and a parking garage at 112 South Alfred Street, both just a few blocks away.

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Our practice does not participate with any insurance plans.  We do provide a session invoice that contains all of the information insurance carriers require for you to submit for reimbursement on your own.

We suggest you contact your insurance provider directly to learn about your specific rate of reimbursement for an out of network provider. Many clients are able to receive reimbursement anywhere between 25-90% of the cost of services.

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

Our Fee Schedule

Also, please note, if you have Tricare insurance, you cannot file for reimbursement for our services. Unfortunately, due to Tricare’s policies, if you submit for reimbursement, you and we are then bound by their contract.  Please let us know if you are a Tricare subscriber and we can discuss more.   

Current/Newly Scheduled Clients

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